Party was resting in the circle-rune room with the escaped prisoners and Timmy. Raada threw a (metagame) bead of force at Dille. We heard some guys coming down the hallway, and jumped them. combat ensued. Many slain. Their leader (Mahdi??) got blasted and stuck inside the second bead of force. Killed some bull mastiffs. Two guys ran away. We captured Mahdi and questioned him. Got a key from him that opened the double doors. He told us that the main door will only open when he asks the folks inside to open it. Tendos smashed all the dead bodies’ faces with a mace. Yug. Discussion about how to escape. Hair-brained scheme concocted where Dille would wear a false beard and possibly a dead body’s face. Hair brained scheme scrapped as logic returned to our minds. Talked about trying to find the two escaped soldiers. Realized we were jacked. More interrogation about the black-masked dudes. Apparently they are followers of Gilgamesh or some such deity, and they hired Spyder and the rest of the dudes as their muscle. Eventually, decision made to rest behind the secret door, next to the spiked pits. We took Mahdi and freed prisoners with us. Food running low, we are all pretty jacked. Need rest.



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