first of 2011

seltzer sounds underground…

after rescuing dug and dille from the fishmen’s sacrifice to blor-bloop, the party gets a little r&r at lam’s place. as much is possible in filth, at least. totz says goodbye and heads home with the meltz’s body.

after two days the party goes back to the cavern of the fishmen – pushing past the troll, leaving lam to bring up the rear. eaten by obleeer. a sad way to go.

down all the side passages and back again, eventually ending at a sizable cave-in.

the party climbs the rubble and dumps the wooden bridge behind. they get ahead of the troll and let him wander past.

black acid is captured in a glass vial and used to destroy the lock on a fancy door. looking through the hole, tendos cast sleep on a gorgeous man in leather armors and drapings. he is tortured, interrogated, and has his face slashed by tendos. little information is gathered.

the body is dragged to the end of the hall and hidden in a corner.

sounds of the troll from the distance have faded.



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