niner - downriver

following the defeat of the river jelly, and losing tendos to the current of the underground river, the party has spent time resting and healing in the well room. large, mostly-hairless rodents briefly woke the party one night, and distant wails were heard later on, but otherwise their sleep was uneventful.

upon recovery, the party spent the next two days trying to break through an ornate wood and metal door outside of the well room. using a large cylindrical stone as a ram, the party smashed the right door, but didn’t break it. the ramming was subsequently stopped.

guards from the encampment briefly opened one of the entrance doors and ordered the party to stop smashing the doors and to set about their task. raada was able to magically charm one of them. the guards told the party they were expected to collect pages of parchment or some kind of written text.

late that night dug, dille, jessle, and raada dumped the giant water barrel in the well room. they used it and another smaller barrel to journey down the underground river. as both barrels eventually ran aground, and the party waded through rocky waters, distant voices could be heard…



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