Slap Happy

Millipedes, seriously. #4

Hair of the dog or playing it safe?

Recappa. ?Y?You’re fairly undreaming right now. Glad to be alive. Caravan party or jelly. Swarthy unshaved men gather up the characters in a wagon. Beards make it hard to tell, but they are fairly worn and well fed. Orknon and Roberta. Different. Not necessarily dissimilar. Not particularly, no. It appears to be a manly lady. Wormy. Mmm. You’re more in my range. Sirus with beard comes and charms Raada. His breath like stanky meat, fishy flesh, stray brow hairs. Casual information extraction. Maybe you should mind your own business old man. An oldster, steer clear. Wagons wheeled to clearing. Tanner awakes to impatient soldiers.

Hog pile. Group Hump. Soap up your wrists. Broken promises. What happened to Tanner’s hyde? What about the whipping cream? You _feel _it is time to hold your gaze.

1127 by down do you take anything?

1212 resume no stopping of chunky wagon ride fast jossling innards. a handfull of questions. he’s a little bit misty eyed emergency buckets for sloshing pee. Found the jelly wad and eats it. Raada misses with the bucket, but doesn’t miss with the piss. Such a blood tunnel. Slip in the piss hit your head. Leave my stomach alone this time. Dill was unconscious.



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