the highlights:

stew was discovered… enough food to satisfy all..
totz returned.. (his errand over when creatures ate the body of his friend, meltz)
..figure(s) were seen from down the hallways..
timmy and three others rescued from crude jail cells, fed stew for sustinence
many minutes spent searching the rooms and halls
a rune-covered circle etched into the stone floor of one room
discovery of chalk writing “mind the second hallway” – secret door underneath…
darkened, spiked pits navigated (eventually with ladders)
ending in a large door, timmy knocked and called “hello”
large robotic man with a melted face answered the door and dug and dille charged inside
monster man knocked solly on the head with his fist
masked men with blades brandished them
three robed men retreated behind a door, the eldest commanding dug, dille, and solly(?) to sleep
raada pleads for the sword-ed men to cease and desist..
jessle, totz, tendos, and timmy remain outside the room.



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