What the fuck is “crunch” ?

Raada has natural beauty and is fairly meek, but is quickly adapting to the new world she has only glimpsed on brief escapes from slavery. Her skin is fair and her hair golden, but neither are seen for their true color at the moment – she is dirty and tired. She is currently dressed in work clothes and tattered robes under which are a few hewn pouches. Raada slings a sack that is moderately filled. She also has a dead woodland creature with caked blood around it’s mouth slung next to the sack.


Born in a far off land, Raada was sold into slavery at a young age. She changed hands several times due to her unruly behavior; within a few years she was broken and kept by a cruel farmer and merchant near the outpost of greytown. As a slave of Gorir The Crush, Raada was routinely beaten and forced to do belittling and demeaning tasks. She attempted to escape several times and thus the grip of control was cinched even tighter. After gaining a slight amount of trust to venture across her owner’s fields to fetch food owed to him by a neighbor, she continued east beginning her most daring and dangerous escape – a two day excursion into the impassable desert. She ran for half a day and then collapsed only to wake in a sandstorm. Nearly being blasted to bits, Raada continued in the beating sun into the next day before guards dispatched by Gorir caught up with her and returned her to her vile prison.

The subsequent beatings and harsh admonishing were relentless. At the height of his evil and despicable behavior, fueled by moonshine and krakar (plant with crack-like effects), Gorir raped and sodomized Raada several times. Unknown to his wife at first, eventually the bastard child inside Raada was too obvious to hide. Raada was blamed by Gorir for escaping to prowl the night, a story quickly assumed by his wife. Several times Raada attempted to seek the consul of a witch to purge the ugly scorn from her womb, but to no avail. It would not budge by poison nor brute.

After failure and anguish, Raada began to realize that should the baby be born, it would most certainly resemble Gorir’s disgusting features and would likely turn his wife against him. Sure enough, the worted cockeyed worm was delivered by Gorir’s wife who cried out in horror at the sight of her husband’s likeness. For years Gorir’s wife had too been tormented by his heavily punishing misogyny. The baby was the last straw to break her devotion and after dumping the baby in a nearby riverbank, she set out to do her husband in for good by gradually poisoning the abused drinks in which he was so fond. Taking pity on Raada, Gorir’s wife told her that the terrible deed would be avenged and that Raada must never drink the shine. While Gorir boasted to his friends of his slave’s misfortune, his wife was in secret meeting with the witch who was concocting the most painful of slow yet deadly elixirs. She promised herself to be rational and keep resolve even if he begged for help.

And so she did. Slipping a few drops in his sheep bladder each morning. At first he began to complain of a headache and upset stomach. Eventually he grew sores both inside and outside his body and hallucinated the most frightening creatures stabbing and choking his very soul. After several weeks of agony, when he begged the sky for death, when she thought he’d had enough, the wife dumped the rest of the witch’s vial into the bladder and with one sip, Gorir’s flesh began to melt and sizzle. Within minutes his ugliness was reduced to bubbling sinew. All the while, Raada was devising means for escape. She was magically bound by a ring of Gorir, of which she was never aware. However, the wife was in full knowledge of this ring and upon Gorir’s end, she scooped it up and promised to have it destroyed. The wife unbound Raada of her duties and equipped her with food, armor, and a compliment of spices.

After wandering and living free in the forest, Raada is ending a frightening period of shock and disbelief. Hungry and worn, she has made her way to the outpost of greytown and is planning her next move.


one day raada was set upon by an aged man named grandal danda who she seemed to recognize but didn’t why. he insisted she was his grandaughter, but this startled her and she became suspicious. grandal said “come with me, i’ll bust you out!” but she knew they would be killed quickly.

Gorir traded armour and weapons.

Found a spell book in the woods of great power. It was subsequently swindled by a rogue trader who provided one much more appealing, but with low level spells.


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