Jessle Nutzman

Ms. Nutzman is an orphan half-elf, visiting the town to seek her future...


currently, mz. nutzman is recovering from some horrible stomach wounds due to her encounters with not only boars, but giant ants. How unfortunate! Thank Ceed that she was blessed with access to some fine jelly, one with healing powers and a delicious taste to boot. there only leaves the question, will there be a scar?


Jessle Nutzman is a 25 year old half-elf travelling the countryside in order to find her future and become something that her late parents would be proud of. A 1st level druid, Ms. Nutzman has an affinity to nature and all that it provides.

Born in Glassen Dale to a human mother, Camriko and a half-elf father, Diddler, Jessle lived a carefree and happy life. Despite the fact that almost everything that Jessle did brought pride to her parents, Jessle’s interest towards becoming a druid made them angry. As Diddler was a druid, he was quite aware of all the dangers that it could cause for practicing it. Because of this, Jessle’s parents discouraged her taking part in any activity that involved the druids or pursuit of its path. Regardless, Jessle would frequently sneak out to the palace of Ceed, Hurtout(the only order really close to Glassen Dale)to attend services and learn the art. However, the opportunities to go to Hurtout were quite rare, making it hard for her to attend consistantly. Therefore, Jessle was forced to pursue the path to being a druid on her own.

Unfortunately, when she was but 23, big, angry brutes raided her settlement, killing all in their path and creating destruction of Glassen Dale. After seeing her parents killed, Jessle took off, never to visit that part of the country for years to come.

Recently settled in Grey town, Jessle made a small living healing locals and guiding foragers to plants and herbs to eat. Now, she has left on a quest for some caravans…

As a first level magic user, Jessle has the ability to cast animal friendship on low HD animals. Since learning that spell, she has so far trained a 2 HD dog, Neeva, for 15 HP. However, Neeva is not a part of the current party. Since Jessle assumed that her quest would be short, she commanded Neeva to stay home and left her with plenty of provisions as well as shelter.

**Neeva [omnivore. int. 3. alignment-neutral. AC 6, Mov.-12, HD 2. 1 attack/rd. THAC0=20. bite=2d4. size: med. smaller size war-dog, some type of hound/mastiff cross-breed. morale: 8-10.]

Jessle Nutzman

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