Dug Gristlenus

grizzled veteran fighter


crunches on gasters of unusual size. pretty good with a sword.


fluffing and sunning his beard…in his dreams…

born the bastard child of a poor farm worker on the outskirts of sandbridge, dug gerrlak gristlenus has known a hard and unforgiving life.

having never known his wood-elf father, dug’s younger days were spent mostly working along-side his human mother until her untimely death in a farming accident when he was 14. forced to carve out a life on his own, dug worked through his teenage years performing hard labor and odd jobs for various employers – primarily in the timber industry – given his inherent talent for lumbering.

when he was 21, searching for a meaning and purpose in his life, dug joined the lok-thor army. he was able to pass as human, as he had understated elven features, and had always downplayed his elven heritage (partly through a fear of human prejudices, and partly through his own internal-friction against his father) to the point that most people (and more importantly, army officers) never questioned his race.

dug soon found that army life was no better and no less harsh than civilian life, but he channeled his inner turmoil into his training and developed a keen ability to wield a sword in times of war. a survivor of many battles, some through his own talents – others through sheer luck, dug still never amounted to much more than a grunt in the lok-thor army. he had little talent for army politics, and his fear of being uncovered as a half-elf assured his place among the lower ranks.

years of conflict (both in the world abroad and in his own mind) have taken it’s toll on dug. his personal appearance and gait reflects that of a man (or half-elf to be accurate) much older than the 78 years that he currently carries. the army no longer sees dug as an asset in battle, and therefore he was unceremoniously discharged from the fighting ranks several months prior to the start of the party’s adventure. he currently makes his official living as a day-laborer for the army, working to further fortify the lok-thor station at greytown, but is always interested in side work – no matter the level of risk as long as there is an ample payoff involved. dug has little mind for religion, and finds no comfort in the gods.

Dug Gristlenus

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