Tendos Greifwald

Merchant of silk, part-time dweomercrafter, lover of the ladies.


Dashing and daring, courageous and caring, Tendos Greifswald is an interesting and successful man, and one to be reckoned with. Or at least that what he wants you to believe.

With green eyes, short sandy brown hair, and a tanned complexion, Tendos remains quite handsome and youthful at 29 years of age. He is of average height and weight, blessed with fine skin and straight teeth, and would not be caught dead in anything but the finest clothes. He carries himself with confidence (bordering on arrogance), exudes an aloof but magnetic personality, and his charming smile can instantly disarm even the most chaste of barmaids. A smooth tenor voice and quick wit make Tendos both a fine conversationalist and a shrewd negotiator, convincing everyone that he is someone you want to get to know.

Careful observation, however, reveals that despite his self-assured carriage and warm smile, and his eyes belie a wary, perceptive, and analytical gaze, assessing everything around him.


Youdontknow that much. At least not yet. But Tendos has divulged a few salient details.

Tendos Greifwald was born in the capital city of Grono, the fifth son of Phineus Greifwald, the patriarch of the great Greifwald trading clan. Tendos was raised in relative luxury, attended fine schools where he honed his intellect, and learned the cut-throat art of trading from his father and older brothers. Far removed from any possibility to inherit the family fortune, Tendos was expected to enter into the family business and distinguish himself. Through his intelligence and skill, Tendos was able to impress his father and obtain a relatively high post in the family trades. However, part of Tendos put this success down to sheer chance, which started a life-long obsession with superstitions, fortunetelling, and a desperate attempt to increase his “luck.”

While he was assured to be well-off due to his family’s largesse, Tendos’s champagne tastes and spendthrift ways required that he work hard to keep up with the lifestyle to which he hoped to grow accustomed. Tendos spent several years working in the counting houses, shipyards, warehouses, and markets of Grono and Thra-Thren. He became a skillful trader, clever negotiator, and firm taskmaster. He was constantly aware of the angles and the opportunities, and was more than willing to take advantage of his rivals in any possible way. With a streak of curiosity and a desire to find an advantage in his trade, Tendos frequented the Great Library of Grono and befriended the sages, debaters, and crackpots of Calumny Square. It was through these contacts that Tendos was introduced to world of magic, which he saw as intellectually fascinating, in conformity with his superstitious ways, and as a way to gain power and influence. While most of his time was occupied with trading blue silk and sweet spices (as well as bribing the appropriate government agents and flattering the local potentates) he began to study the ways of magic.

While still in the early stages of his study, Tendos began to travel more widely to learn new things and meet with local wizards and warlocks. He kept his spellweaving interests relatively quiet, as such conduct was considered unsightly amongst the courtiers and petit bourgeois of Grono. Despite his learned ways and intellectual curiosity, the more Tendos traveled, the more he built on childhood beliefs in superstitions. He not only collected charms, fetishes, and “lucky” trinkets, but he began to create his own theory of magic that incorporated the idea of chance.

Most recently, Tendos (quite unluckily) accompanied a caravan of blue silk traveling from Visithor to Greytown. He had quietly purchased the silk from a group of pirates, and intended to sell the silk for a tidy profit. But his barbarian guard detail got spectacularly drunk on night (well, so did Tendos) and they were attacked by group of unknown brigands. Tendos was taken captive by and transported two days north where he was imprisoned. Now, his fine clothes are tattered and soiled, his belongings are taken, and Tendos is looking for some new allies to help him out of this mess.

Tendos Greifwald

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