depths of the slorr

cave3 cave1 cave2

everyone receives 225 XP.

session sixer

spyder, the pale drow jailor, seems to like his job a little too much. grablar has a shouting problem. timmy just wants to see his family again.

the party is taken further inside hollow-den, escorted by spyder and mahti and mahti’s soldiers. mahti tells them to find a relic inside, and they will be released back to the surface world…


everyone receives 100 XP

WITHIN the damp stone walls of hollow-den, the characters’ thoughts echo softly in their heads… silence has filled the air for the last few hours of the afternoon; only moaning and distant voices occasionally break it. something drips from nearby, and the movements of the pale elf, spyder, seem ceaseless…

raada, dille, dug, and jessle have been busy—-

it was very early this morning that the piss bucket was dashed and its contents splashed, and an escape was quickly halted…

it was early last night that the caravan’s journey north began, and the party was denied a hot meal by their guards…

a day ago, the party survived a nightmarish midnight attack by six giant forest ants, but jessle, dille, and gustav (tanner’s dog) were laid out…

it was two days ago that eight hobgoblins were slain, tanner was gravely injured, camp was made with orknan and roberta, and raada looked through an injured tanner’s belongings…

just over three days ago, the party sipped brews inside the half moon, spying a wild-eyed tanner and sober-faced teddy studying them…

a week ago, raada studied greytown from the horizon, watching the rare traveler coming or going – a week ago, dug shifted in his sleep against a pile of brinks he was hiding behind, napping on the job – a week ago dille stood under a warm fall sun, aware that artel’s light occasionally shined even in this part of the realm – a week ago, jessle and her canine friend, neeva explored the drying swamp west of greytown, seeking components for use in prayer…


now imprisoned under the earth – hidden away in a jail cell – the party members are still perhaps too stunned to be frightened. events have happened so rapidly that the last couple of days appear more as a dream than reality. the fair treatment given to the party, while seemingly under the control of their captors, has brought a strange air to the setting.

now, while the ground beneath their feet has stopped moving, sleep has come to those who need it…

Woodwalk Creature
session five

dbag mcgee and the return of the splashed piss bucket the sun has been up for an hour you’re a standard dick more of an unorthodox dick still a dick


freedom sword order

from a stunned state to a sleeping 747. 070.987.

8:27 tanner danny smile. mickey mandle adventures. i thought i did something to afffect the horses. with animal training is there anything i can do? you don’t know. 8:34 serious.\solidity sludge. clear first. 88s good right?

kempt with an x in there somewhere 11 friends in the pasture. saucer for the teabag. 7709.7969.4952.6723.3841.2067. such a shocking silken. knock his is he all party or part business? do i still have my stick or did it fall out of my grasp? is anybody going to do anything other than stain the wagon? did i drop my stick? so i’m stickless?

how wet is dill in pee? there’s a good amount of hay, but not enough to soak it up. what do you mean i dont have kicking? i got 01 or ten. that the curly fucker i hit last time. oh i’lllll hit him again. 6703. lusty dusty just crawled outta here. he looks kinda out of it. can i resist being held? no. do i have time for a little dick punch


i noticed you have written… dick punch. i roll 11. 2. resist this. hockey hair comes over with a large jersey on. lusty dusty is dazed. headbutt his nuts.


6631.rabid rapid rampant rappin wra[pping. 1659. jessle you’re held down. but spitting. but… 8851. is there any jelly left? naw you scraped the rest of it. fuckin a. jar’s clean. its my sword i want it back! he hasn’t touched his spear in a while if you catch my drift. wagons on. wagons west. yeah i found your sword here in my hand. thats a pretty badass sword it tied me up! 6847.4436.4ACES.What are we going to do? 8586. what if the dm decided to slay the entire party? well, that wasn’t working so…8931…a steak in the eye is worth two in the bush. don’t throw food at them!! dill’s in the back of the party. 2908.

the slot opens. sweet road games. as in SEED? 8901.8.19. 3756.4.16. 4408.9.13.

i’m tim i’m timmy? where am i where are my parents? 4597.1.20. 8603.4.6.1. orc we need your help grablar. 0483.8.7. 1743.5.9.

SPYDER on the trail is Timmy. his family has been here? i’m timmy’s dad. i don’t talk to him anymore.

my name is tendos. 3138.0.14. 18snausage style. timmy you want this food

north to hollow-den

XP= 450 for raada & jessle, 375 for dille and dug…

the party journeys northward, (un)bound at the wrists. they have been able to rest, mildly, against each other in the back of the wagon. raada untied everyone and then retied the bonds to be loose, but look as though they are tight. the PCs are thirsty, hungry, and tired.

tanner was taken from the company of the PCs in the late afternoon (before the wagons departed) and hasn’t been seen since that time. lusty dusty and fatty (the two soldiers guarding the PCs) teased the PCs with a bit of hot turkey leg earlier and promised them food in the future.

after departing the clearing and getting back on the road, raada recovered the rest of granny danny’s jelly from tanner’s backsack and distributed to those most in need… jessle and dille have both recovered from their grave injuries and feel quite well after eating a spoon-full of the jam.

the journey lasted well into the night, seeming to pass greytown by…. as the caravan seemed to be leaving the road, the PCs attacked fatty and lusty dusty with a shattered metal tool and the wagon’s piss-bucket. the contents of the bucket splashed those nearest and in the ensuing melee, raada was tripped by lusty, hit her head and is currently stunned. fatty has yelled for help and the wagon has come to a halt. it is an hour or two before sunrise and the air is cool and humid.

you hear the sounds of horses stamping and snorting and a shout comes from someone to halt the caravan…

Slap Happy
Millipedes, seriously. #4

Hair of the dog or playing it safe?

Recappa. ?Y?You’re fairly undreaming right now. Glad to be alive. Caravan party or jelly. Swarthy unshaved men gather up the characters in a wagon. Beards make it hard to tell, but they are fairly worn and well fed. Orknon and Roberta. Different. Not necessarily dissimilar. Not particularly, no. It appears to be a manly lady. Wormy. Mmm. You’re more in my range. Sirus with beard comes and charms Raada. His breath like stanky meat, fishy flesh, stray brow hairs. Casual information extraction. Maybe you should mind your own business old man. An oldster, steer clear. Wagons wheeled to clearing. Tanner awakes to impatient soldiers.

Hog pile. Group Hump. Soap up your wrists. Broken promises. What happened to Tanner’s hyde? What about the whipping cream? You _feel _it is time to hold your gaze.

1127 by down do you take anything?

1212 resume no stopping of chunky wagon ride fast jossling innards. a handfull of questions. he’s a little bit misty eyed emergency buckets for sloshing pee. Found the jelly wad and eats it. Raada misses with the bucket, but doesn’t miss with the piss. Such a blood tunnel. Slip in the piss hit your head. Leave my stomach alone this time. Dill was unconscious.

cagney & co.
leather & lace

bearded and bejeweled, cagney and his associates glimmer out of the the morning mist.

the party lies partially leveled and maimed. some are subdued and coerced, while the rest are carried gently into the main wagon. orknan seemed not to care for the others as he swiftly walks away from the scene into the company of familiar faces.

out of the edges of the draanfell, marching up to the road and the caravan…

Public Restroom Bakery
From boars to men. (3)

weary from lack of sleep, we rest further from the road / in the thickett, tuck tanner up against it / raada takes a map from tanner’s dead hands / an elven map made for elves, a ritual or sacred place / dill likes to watch, dug sleeps / jessele and raada go back to the caravan / what’s your plan mister piquelle -orknon / we are adventurers.

gnoll / grassy knoll

[img moccassin snake fucking a palm tree //]

found the brands

i could thrust. i would thrust. 3. hit ac 3? no. initiiative. oh. later. 3. ac 3? damage. oh. k.

how close are the trees? jump into the caravan. they charge. we try to brace the space.take a couple steps forward and jab at them. arrow through the penultimate boar’s head. relative crap. that tasted totally whack! after 4 hours i can regenerate.

daytime. thought it was night. picture might be brighter.

sorry i gotta do a little anal here. if youd excuse me for a moment

has dille’s messanger pidgeon gotten there yett? no. not yet., i rolled a 25. i r4olled an 11.

sun goes down. misquitto buzz comes out. soon night creatures come out. we look at the back of the backpack yeah bring it back top of the rucksack jelly

time ban silver stack of papers buindled papers / blue silk gown / lantern. oil. scroll case. / you don’[t see any bvoots. / dark blue coat wolf fur collar and bottom

where you headed to son? that’s the plan. i’m really hungry. dill takes care of tanner’s swollen mellon. jissele’s midsection armor and clothing looks shredded and torn.rr.needle and thread work as well as the cloack from earlier.

what do these papers entail. it matches up. give it back to em. names.

927 to the blue chair

itemizations. anything oout of the ordinary? really study it? didn’t seem clear asto what it was.

you think you hear soft bone crunching in the underbrush / he wakes up raada and says something’s coming / you wake up to dark elves. tiniest bit of light / orknon asks for a light. purchance the creamy creepy boat. / oh nooo he’s never gonna come back is he? / whos closest to the west side who’s closest to the road? / sling a blade sling some sliders i got two get you rings out get your rings out / ewhat the fucks up wioth miy midsection you got an ant on your midsection / robertas got an ant on top of her they both appear to be bloddy right now / gustavs got an antleg in his mouth crunching munching eachother / hits ac 1 thats a hit hits ac 10 thats a miss / oh icurr / sand mundane sears thrust at nearest the 1001

there was a spear boners and that was a thrust by the way i didnt get to jamit in as attack of the ants begins to swarm around those staying or fleeing d

droppin dice all night doing one point of damage or orknon critical miss chaos ants snapping horrific ant shaddows jabbing to keep them away as dug gets nightmare awoken

i keep a wooden shoe in my bed

shadoews and light she stops to watch the movement as orknon stabs at distance ants attacking in a second wave as opposite way

how many is or so how manys in a cluster fuck? id say at least 5 to seven you hear gustave yelp thats not true i don’t hear him no! no. can i cast animal friendship on his bodyu rebeccas dead or just getting munched orknon is fighting off the giant ants legend of bagger zantz

she gots woodz zmart / ac 1 ac 7 one hit 5 points of damage / my sister needs assistance / a pile of bodies in the darkenss sparked ant fury spurious armour making stations a dozzen two foot ant bodies

do you need company on my break / wheres my sack wheres my sack / dont step on him

dille will request a mattress of ant parts / orknon begins to wake up injured doesnt know who tanner is / jessle feels like she is in a dream confused feverish general malaize

tanner is uh who is this who are you the person talking to him orknon this is the one who we took from the wreckage looking back between you two how long has it been \

ferral boy went missing was meat talking to tanner why hav eyou come down here come to find us and tanner doesnt say anything

orknon asks the same thing so i go over to tanner where do you come from

what happened to gustav after the jelly / tanners like fuck you and orknon takes a step closer in my confusion i have a fever / boar tartar wormy gamey meat al in all he eats / kicking doug in the sidfe ribs hard / continue stabing mignigtted

12:04 we estimated way too early

they came from the mist they are regional darker than the slave race

orknons eyes are bright he is changing she puts down her weapon

your kind is of the old way -cagney

mag nagny askin organon walked away yelling at him listening to disappearance in the three coming from passing by ok i have a question goodberry does you how good those two on the ground pre dawn drawing marching back barking wad walking appear twofe loffing burly garland armour cloven hoof droves leaf drear myriad chalk talking ta takedown down jessle dill feathering workaman trorkar clothes aft shift eap shin misery shifting in riffers picks touching a rub rabber brother catty man smother butt ball sweaty bald ant hill touching an ankle coup coulding a half whore oariong stylings faire man tanner scared shift mifted as hes goes frying bny yep replying fear hearing man map canningas gave back to him

gustav got boosted lays up goes back down that initial one kept him alive bell jelly mass group odf peaple fring bringing dow to us mast man in the hat sneering what you not saying anything youre too far last time you’re seeing talk to them vaugely threating them pickking him hup as i can see as a lead theourhg bebneeee line going we just go adn in approach a coverof wagggon jam,am jhamd;e of horses and ass we step out of the thick of the woods the armopred men tel the douchg and raada tp and carry tanner up the the wagon and coule go over mosey take off wapons and gear anmd in the reeis one wagone you are being carried to the wagons right now.

she bolts he has his hand on his sword perlpoin draining fluid from wings as nothing can filll wreong which is the best what which is a better wayu if you kinow what the speed of a gfght speer

slide tackled athen others juimping on you

he swings on them knowing they have he shas someidea as i know already i guess jackedd kinda evenually as you are grappling on the ground

well, he tried
from session 3

Orknaan applies aid to rebecca. he also tries to help Dille. “where’s my sac? where’s my sac?” Tanner starts to awaken and requests the jelly jars in his backpack. Tanner then asks the conscious party members to feed the jelly to Dille and Jessle. he also wants the other jar of jelly applied to the dog. Jessle and Dille regain consciousness. Dille requests a mattress of ant parts, Jessle throws up a lil’. Jessle and Dille are confused and feverish. watches are kept…

11AM: time to put the boar on a spit. Raada cooks it up! multiple sounds are heard coming up through the brush…getting closer…two males (probably humans) appear approaching the party, it looks like they have swords drawn. Raada calls to them. she sees two more men approaching behind these two. she yells “stop”, which they do. there’s more of ‘em (?) Orknaan entreats Raada to put down her weapon, his eyes have a crazed look.

dille's messenger pigion
numero 3

after meditating, J heals herself to 8/12 HP- thank goodness! nothin’ else really happenin’. J and R search the caravans. from the 1st caravan-rations, spare parts for the wagons, tools, random supplies, J and R take torches, R takes tools.

J and R see tanners’ rucksack, they open it: flint, steel, survival supplies, two jars of possibly jelly or jam-smells like raspberries, clothing. 2nd caravan: similar to the 1st, road supplies, stack of papers-written on, clothing (fine), J takes a cloak, also there’s a lantern, oil, scroll case-J and R look inside. appears to J that it has the spells: goodberry, hold person. one other body is found.

it’s time to reconvene. back at the camp orknaan wonders about dille and dug’s friends. J and R return to camp and tell the other camp members their tale of terror. also, they share their spoils. orknaan recognizes some of the things as their clothes. J has to give the cloak back to Roberta, as it’s hers. D: also the papers which appear to be business transactions. everyone decides to rest.

dille and raada keep watch through the night. during dille’s watch, he heres something crunching off to the side, like soft rustling. dille wakes everyone up and they all equip and stand guard. the attack begins! R fires into the area of the noise, and a “meeeee!” is heard, and a crunch. gustav runs away. J fires into the same area as R, a giant ant head appears! then, we see at least five or six! J and Rebecca and O get mandibled! R decides to bolt away from the ants towards the road. gustav makes a kill and rips an ant’s head in two! more rustling is heard; the ants begin to swarm around the group members. Dug has been pretty disoriented during this time-it really took him awhile to get roused from his slumber. Jessle and Dille Piquelle go down for the count….things are getting heated here with the jew crew. wood smartz. gustav dies, RIP.

cigarette break number 2.


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