the two sleepers were roused from their enchantment and a retreat from the room undertaken. the masked men and mud-man stepped back to allow the party’s exit.

back in the rune room, the party (and prisoners) rested and ate the rest of the fresh/prepared foods.

eventually watch was kept over the secret entrance to the spiked corridor. after a few warriors emerged from the cell, and headed towards the kitchen, the party quickly moved to ambush them on their return to the secret hallways.

blinded by totz and tendos holding the lantern (inside the secret door), dug and dille rushed from across the hall and engaged the men with strange swords. they quickly dispatched two of them and the remaining man was able to escape.

the party looted the bodies and returned to the circular room to rest and plan the next move.


the highlights:

stew was discovered… enough food to satisfy all..
totz returned.. (his errand over when creatures ate the body of his friend, meltz)
..figure(s) were seen from down the hallways..
timmy and three others rescued from crude jail cells, fed stew for sustinence
many minutes spent searching the rooms and halls
a rune-covered circle etched into the stone floor of one room
discovery of chalk writing “mind the second hallway” – secret door underneath…
darkened, spiked pits navigated (eventually with ladders)
ending in a large door, timmy knocked and called “hello”
large robotic man with a melted face answered the door and dug and dille charged inside
monster man knocked solly on the head with his fist
masked men with blades brandished them
three robed men retreated behind a door, the eldest commanding dug, dille, and solly(?) to sleep
raada pleads for the sword-ed men to cease and desist..
jessle, totz, tendos, and timmy remain outside the room.

first of 2011

seltzer sounds underground…

after rescuing dug and dille from the fishmen’s sacrifice to blor-bloop, the party gets a little r&r at lam’s place. as much is possible in filth, at least. totz says goodbye and heads home with the meltz’s body.

after two days the party goes back to the cavern of the fishmen – pushing past the troll, leaving lam to bring up the rear. eaten by obleeer. a sad way to go.

down all the side passages and back again, eventually ending at a sizable cave-in.

the party climbs the rubble and dumps the wooden bridge behind. they get ahead of the troll and let him wander past.

black acid is captured in a glass vial and used to destroy the lock on a fancy door. looking through the hole, tendos cast sleep on a gorgeous man in leather armors and drapings. he is tortured, interrogated, and has his face slashed by tendos. little information is gathered.

the body is dragged to the end of the hall and hidden in a corner.

sounds of the troll from the distance have faded.


upon returning to the fish-men’s cave, tendos found himself poking around inside one of the crude leather/hide tents. the startled fish-men inside the tent burst forth with a bubbling cry and other members of the tribe appeared from the shadows to attack.

fish-men were laid waste, but not before dille and dug (bringing up the rear) were nearly slain. raada and jessle fought until on death’s door, and beat a hasty retreat, following totz at top speed.

totz recruited a local troll, who was paid with the magic rod, to wander into the fish-men’s encampment so the party could attempt to rescue the bodies of their friends…….


totz and meltz lead the party into a maze of passages off of the underground river…

an encampment of fish-men was discovered, as well as more drow statuary and carvings.

dug was bitten on the face/eye by a foot-long centipede.

an attempt to breach the fish-men’s chamber was interupted by pinchers from above…


the party finds tendos speaking with lam.
lam’s “children,” totz and meltz lead the party to the “place full of magics”

niner - downriver

following the defeat of the river jelly, and losing tendos to the current of the underground river, the party has spent time resting and healing in the well room. large, mostly-hairless rodents briefly woke the party one night, and distant wails were heard later on, but otherwise their sleep was uneventful.

upon recovery, the party spent the next two days trying to break through an ornate wood and metal door outside of the well room. using a large cylindrical stone as a ram, the party smashed the right door, but didn’t break it. the ramming was subsequently stopped.

guards from the encampment briefly opened one of the entrance doors and ordered the party to stop smashing the doors and to set about their task. raada was able to magically charm one of them. the guards told the party they were expected to collect pages of parchment or some kind of written text.

late that night dug, dille, jessle, and raada dumped the giant water barrel in the well room. they used it and another smaller barrel to journey down the underground river. as both barrels eventually ran aground, and the party waded through rocky waters, distant voices could be heard…


the wooden doors within hollow-den all seem to be rotted shut… near life-sized statues of elven figures occupy the corners of the well room. a tattered bridge crosses the river room. all of it is dark, unless torches or lanterns are lit.

additional days in the depths… tendos was lost down the underground river, briefly trying to swim back upstream. 200+ feet of rope was set into the rushing water and left.

the party made camp inside the well room..

depths of the slorr

cave3 cave1 cave2

everyone receives 225 XP.

session sixer

spyder, the pale drow jailor, seems to like his job a little too much. grablar has a shouting problem. timmy just wants to see his family again.

the party is taken further inside hollow-den, escorted by spyder and mahti and mahti’s soldiers. mahti tells them to find a relic inside, and they will be released back to the surface world…


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