here we are, the night before it's due...

alright, looks like session one is set for november 21st. good times…

as to the party, so far we have a thief, a bard, and a druid.

i’m still working at the wiki, seems like a good way to organize the info at this point. i forgot how much time one could spend creating a campaign… getting down to the nitty-gritty and minutiae seems endless.

populating greytown at the moment…


it is early autumn in the western realm….

business is steady in and around the sayan river valley as goods are shipped downstream towards civilization. a particularly good batch of dwarven ale has shown up in town (from somewhere to the north presumably). a large pack of wolves has been seen roaming the grasslands to the east, mostly at dusk.

there is an outdoor fish-fry this evening at the half-moon… it is balmy and a good part of the townsfolk are enjoying the night air…

darkness is coming..


nightfall in the lands near greytown seems to bring about more travelers than daytime lately. normally once most of the lights are out in the town proper, not a creature is seen stirring on roadway or in the fields.

the northlands of the lok-thor empire have always been perilous to traverse, and in recent times they have been fulfilling that reputation. there are stories of men in black pajamas and others in strange silks: appearing out of nowhere to destroy and pillage those foolish enough to travel unprotected.

greytown-stationed soldiers ride on frequent patrols around the outpost and have stepped up operations in the last year. they expect a sizable increase in the stationed troops sometime in the upcoming months, and there is labor being done to finish making the accommodations ready before winter. some of the townspeople are working as paid labors, including fink siggler.

rumors from nearby cities speak of loved ones disappeared in the night; of ship crews found murdered and robbed; of encounters with strange jackals and crouching dogs, some that tore and rended armored lok-thor soldiers…

First Day



is sexy a trait? lotsa fur trappers in the area. surveyors for hire. adventurers.

raada has been in the woods for weeks, run out ove

do they make rippelle dille piquelle? indeed. from the south he goes off the grid, naturally. self taught on tracking and hunting in the woods, studded with the best to the butchers. he’s seen. not questioned. you’re here to hunt aren’t ye? he drinks. he carouses. ales, mead, that’ll do the trick. human.

dug you’ve seen around. looks hagard human weathered and looked old when young. now he’s old. 70s. cracked helmet. hagard years gone by. style but worn. most people would think he’s human. he has some elven blood with eyebrow hair.

jessle nutzman\whitehairgreeneyes\pretty young female half-elf. she’s looking for something to happen. low drive. undirected. traveling gown with cloak, boots, ribbon in her hair made out of dandilions.

is he one of those get it done the right way guys?


fink siggler looks scortched. drunk.

tanner danny runs the year round brown tannery

The Randy Caravan
The second day

The second day. Talking to Tanner in the tavern. There’s a caravan near the town that has disappeared. Chunk Chaggley is in the street making his usual chit chat with a drink. Well pounded dirt. Visit to the cemetary with mostly worn graves. Into the grave! Old cloudy eyed man with redish robes and red fabric is filling back in a grave. Jessle and Raada jump in the hole and uncover a rotting 12 yearold boy. The old man is fed nearly an entire wineskin by Dill. Raada fills in the hole and places the old man on the grave.
The Deerskin Hand-job
Meeting with Tanner. He wants to go immediately.
The party collects supplies and learns about tobacco varieties.
Only halflings come out of their mouth.
Raada touches Phillip (AKA Philly).
Empty saxophones. Sacks of
Sense sexist.
Spiked collar black dogg. Gustav should not be pet.
Mental empty pouch
Empty mental pouch
Mental pouch empty
Cannonball pull
Buffalo spotted. They wait. And wait. Making way around the herd. Is it possible? EVERY BUFFALO!

Off to your left are vast expansive landscapes.
Hold on, I just got to let out the snake.
What? Watersports?
When within goblin, keep in mind they bleed easily
Don’t get me started on that right now. People who live here are constantly confronted by the goblin scourge.
Tanner is very jumpy and apprehensive.
Whatif this is just a portal that some creepy wizard is using to kidnap some people.

Are those echos in your head or are they outside????

You ready to meet a grizzly bear tonight?
From a box. There’s a box in the debris. I kick the box.
One little twitchal. Open with a kick and a witchul
Windows? Soap rentrounds. Smashed barrels. Smeared crates.
One is completely purple on one side. just. He might not make it.
Get a gust going toward shambling, pampered mumblings by who are you say i’m with tanner i’m here to free ytiou!
Group of graspers. I ask them who tied them up? Who are you? what are you doing here?
Iam Dill Piquelle.:whyu being so damn typical? Pumpernickel initiative
I have one critical and one likely miss.
Are you sure he’s not large? There’s one that looks large but is medium. Hoppon on one leg.
Emerging. Doug and the one you’re engaged with one hits AC5. You got studded leather on? Tah. Yah.
It’s called bow bonus.
As soon as he’s down the dog is right on him ripping and tearing at him.
Your axe is full of hobgoblin ichr.
There’s a body on top of him; I remove it. I search the bodies. 28gp30sp.
Does anyone have healing potions? AAhhh…the divine.~~`
Oh. Just first aid. Augmented by herbal grandma remedies. Some stemaing bodies on the ground.
Heal check, i make it. His whole head is swelled up like a mellon. you can’t see out of either eye. or taste or smell or eat. two unprotected blows to the head. one while laying prone on the ground.

The temperature is starting to rise with the sun as the forest comes alive again?

How many times a day can you do that? Potentially 3 times. One point. Nothin. Cure him one point? Breathing continues to stab\leize hes’ still pretty fragile tho
What i do with those two wagons?
In one of the pouches you find Oil of Impact
Do they have any undead vibes coming from them? Have you seen me? Are we in any other danger? What about the red wolves that attacked us?
Sank Miggley
He said his name is Orknnon. 3 times as muych
Can I try healing her?
I think you Already did.
Grunting more animal than humanoid
Giant hairy pigs grunting and snorting trotting at least 6 ot]r 7 frenzying around hobgoblin corpses feeding and jumping about feasting butting together
Who will carry my sister?
Deal with Dill with her face near deez piquelles
They might be boar meat. Check it. There are a large amount of boars that are around them now. Roberta’s crying.
Were’re practicing handjobs.
Something else. Ypounh know. 12:21 we breaked.

for session tres
tusk and hair

the party has carried tanner, orknan and roberta away from the hobgoblin’s ambush. gus the dog leads the way. the elder beardy (reginald) and armored boy (deiter) have been left behind in the clearing with the boars.

the party has walked forty minutes back nearly to the road; dille carrying tanner, dug carrying orknan, and jessle and raada assisting roberta. they are currently deciding on a place to rest.

some pcs are injured and bandaged (esp. dille(?) and tanner); dille may not have utilized his divine healing yet; tanner has suffered massive head trauma and may be in a coma; orknan and roberta have been arguing about the fate of deiter and reginald.

orknan and roberta both look reasonably able-bodied and surprisingly well-kept. they seem to have more meat on their bones than most citizens in the area, and their teeth are shiny and white. each seems to be a human in their 20’s. both have brown hair and eyes. orknan’s visage bears a largish nose and wise brow, while roberta has short, thick hair, and a pleasant face. each is dressed in simple, clean clothes. roberta’s legs appear battered while both siblings have various bruises and cuts about them.

the sun is rising to midday, and there is a strong wind blowing. as the party nears the higher ground of the road, brush, leaves, and dust are swept into the air and clouds drift quickly overhead.

roberta calls for the group to listen for the sound of wolves – she thinks maybe she heard howling in the distance…

this is the 3rd session for your information!!!
j crew

yo! tonight’s the third edition of d & d with the jew crew. the setting? the house of cat and kurt, aka, Jessle Nutzman and the DM. currently, ben, aka Dug and bryce, aka raada, are at the HQ, scattin’ and beboppin’, pluggin’ some cords and gettin’ ready for the party.

it might get icy tonight.

the 3rd session continues! ho!

tung, aka dille piquelle has arrived, and we are garnering strength through the usage of fermented grapes and puffy twinkies. brownie cookies from tung, and they taste great. so does the cheap red wine from ben. onward…

also, ate some jasmine deli, tasteee! wheeeeee!!!

sword swallower picture completed. all characters received 185 experience points.

poopy hands. the characters all find a notch to sleep in, whilst dille and jessle go off to check the two npc’s that were left behind with the boars. tanner is searched by raada: he’s quite well strapped. a coupla gems. a pipe. a leather scroll case (waterproof): crinkly map inside.

Raada looks at the map: Raada walks away due to Tanners’ flailing around due to the fact that he saw her pilfer his things. on the map: elvish writing. jessle recognizes a few words: lake and mountain (large hill), these words are repeated throughout the map—raada thinks that this map is likely ancient elvish. raada knows that most likely the map points to a location that would only be used by and known by elves.

raada places the map back on tanners’ person. raada is the one that ends up going with jessle to check on the two peeples.

shiny eye pendant (light, healing, and love) is dille’s symbol.

dille talks with orknaan (sp) about the caravan journey. man with hyena like features….gnolls…which have TOTALLY ruined the area.

raada and jessle get to the clearing, boars and boards still prowl the area. J and R decide to attack the boars, the two climb trees. R attacks with her bow, J with her sling. R scares off remainder of the boars. R and J look for the two NPC bodies, they only find the old man, he is dead.


dille and orknaan talk. O wants D’s hunting knife…(dille also carries the monies and left over oil that wasn’t put on his privates for the group).

$$$This writer needs a cigarette! break time!!$$$

dille decides to rub the oil of impact on his privates.

individual ownerships

FYI: raada has several slave markings…

jessle wants to search the now dead old man, and the caravans…the dead man appears to be in his 60’s, he’s clean…chewed on by boars by the way. the man has been branded on the wrists. on indicates debt, and the other indicates that this person is or was branded with that by a family…as they go to search the caravans boars that were hiding behind the caravan attack the two women.

big bristly boars with nasty yellow looking tusks. jessle gets gored by the boar-goes to 1 HP. jessle is impaled on the horn, and falls off the tusk. jessle and raada jump for the nearby caravan. old mans crippled body.

the boars smash one end of the caravan, tons of shit fall outta o’ it. raada fends off the boars, jessle bleeds. one last check for the boy, raada checks the other caravan and….another boar attack!!!

back into the caravans…raada again begins the attack (with the small space in the caravan, jessle can’t fight the same rounds raada does).

meanwhile…back at the camp…the travellers are resting…orknaan seems to talk for rebecca, and lets off only little detail.

back to the caravan, J and R listen and wait, looking for an opening…raada gets crazy and sails an arrow through a boars head-one remains at this point.

ok, since i didn’t really have a cigarette as i previously stated, it’s really time now.

J and R have decided to sleep in the caravan as the the final boar (for now) sleeps, J hopes to have restful sleep so to enable her to heal herself….

dille's messenger pigion
numero 3

after meditating, J heals herself to 8/12 HP- thank goodness! nothin’ else really happenin’. J and R search the caravans. from the 1st caravan-rations, spare parts for the wagons, tools, random supplies, J and R take torches, R takes tools.

J and R see tanners’ rucksack, they open it: flint, steel, survival supplies, two jars of possibly jelly or jam-smells like raspberries, clothing. 2nd caravan: similar to the 1st, road supplies, stack of papers-written on, clothing (fine), J takes a cloak, also there’s a lantern, oil, scroll case-J and R look inside. appears to J that it has the spells: goodberry, hold person. one other body is found.

it’s time to reconvene. back at the camp orknaan wonders about dille and dug’s friends. J and R return to camp and tell the other camp members their tale of terror. also, they share their spoils. orknaan recognizes some of the things as their clothes. J has to give the cloak back to Roberta, as it’s hers. D: also the papers which appear to be business transactions. everyone decides to rest.

dille and raada keep watch through the night. during dille’s watch, he heres something crunching off to the side, like soft rustling. dille wakes everyone up and they all equip and stand guard. the attack begins! R fires into the area of the noise, and a “meeeee!” is heard, and a crunch. gustav runs away. J fires into the same area as R, a giant ant head appears! then, we see at least five or six! J and Rebecca and O get mandibled! R decides to bolt away from the ants towards the road. gustav makes a kill and rips an ant’s head in two! more rustling is heard; the ants begin to swarm around the group members. Dug has been pretty disoriented during this time-it really took him awhile to get roused from his slumber. Jessle and Dille Piquelle go down for the count….things are getting heated here with the jew crew. wood smartz. gustav dies, RIP.

cigarette break number 2.


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