Glassen Dale

glassen dale is Jessle Nutzman’s home city.

one of the western realm’s oldest villages, glassen dale was founded almost two hundred years prior to the current age. primarily a trading post in its early years, glassen dale soon became a major resting point for travelers journeying along the river trail.

never increasing very much in size, glassen dale still grew greatly in its wealth and prosperity. while the town employed a small detachment of lok-thor troops, it was not enough to prevent its eventual sacking by a small army of orcs.

striking swiftly south-eastward from the nearby scrub-lands, the well-organized orcs (employing at least two ogres) smashed the town into dust in a matter of hours. fire reigned down on the all the outlying buildings; the garrison was surrounded by 50 armored orcs; and giant boulders rolled through best of the inns and spas; seemingly all at once. mass panic, an absense of arcane spellcasters, and a lack of preparedness led to many lok-thor soldier and civilian casualties. the entire town was looted and burned to the ground that morning.

the eventual lok-thor response hunted the orc army into the nearby foothills, surrounded all but a small handful, and systematically slaughtered them to a one.

currently glassen dale is but a handful of small structures, populated by a few families that squeeze out a meek existence…

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Glassen Dale

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