greytown / graytown / or (inevitably) greybar, from the east

functioning as the lok-thor empire’s primary outpost north of the saslow river system, greytown is mostly a military settlement. situated just east of greywater, this small community endures an uncertain existence as a watchtower over strange lands.

of the town’s two hundred or so inhabitants, half are soldiers stationed at the garrison building (the oldest structure in greytown). of the troops, a small leadership circle oversees the garrison and the outpost itself.

greytown’s civilians are a motley bunch; travelers and profiteers for the most part. there is no great love for the city itself, but for the plentiful resources nearby – there is an abundance of it. many fortunes have been made (and lost) in the frontier-land in and around the outpost.

greytown’s modest horizon consists of a lakeside inn – the half-moon, a smithy, stables, tannery, temples to both geob and zarac (chosen deity of the lok-thor empire), a few other multi-purpose structures, as well as a handful of outlying farms.

feral dogs occasionally roam the edges of greytown, offspring of local breeds and those of the soldiers’ war-dogs. in regards to wildlife, there are fairly regular confrontations between a small number of foreign creatures or humanoids and the town’s troops. most of these take place in the outlying areas, and only rarely near the lake.

savage lands surround the town for nearly two hundred miles in every direction. an impassable desert is the only feature to the east, while to the west the draanfell wood halts the heartiest of traveler. to the south lie barren rocky lands broken by the occasional forest or body of water. directly to the north lies the area’s only pass through the vast mountain ranges beyond.

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