lok thor

the lok-thor clan is an extensive human family that has ruled the western realm for all of remembered history. there is scarcely a demi-human that can recall a life without the aggressive, obnoxious presence of the family and the “civilization” it brought west with it.

the lok-thor family tree is as numerous as the score of terrible deeds they are each responsible for. the sons of the lok-thor clan rule local areas or cities, and the central family rules the capital and the border with gallward.

the current family patriarch is lamnar l’noth lok-thor, son of the venerable bohnar b’noth lok-thor, king of the roundhalm. lamnar l’noth is better known as “bone-grinder,” “the lock,” “the flox,” “the hammer,” or, to his detractors, “blood foot,” “blind-prick” or simply “the foul.” the most persistent rumors from lok-thor opposition relates to a line of ogre in the distant family.

the clan keeps a tight militarised control of the larger cities and populance, and in the same manner, satisfies the civilians blood-lust with parades and gladitorial events. the more remote cities sometimes are fairy lawless, with systematic corruption in the ruling and merchant classes.

the empire is currently in a long-standing war with gallward, to the southeast. much focus of the populance (at least in the southern lands) is on the war and its repercussions.


long-suffering its early years, the lok-thor empire forged an strong dependence to the ruling pantheon. the sparse populace’s worship was mostly useless to the gods, as their wrath centered on the subjugation of their inherent powers. the gods wrought cruel and seemingly random violence and death against the peoples of the west for many years, as their collective influence diminishes.

the empire itself has seemed to fare best when it encouraged chaos or at least became buoyant to it. slavery was established as part of lok-thor culture during these years and the ruling family pushed to settle the furthest natural boundaries as well. worship of zarac became recognized as a path to power for the realm.


the skull-horn of k’noth lok-thor
(a drawing commissioned by the current ruling family, the ancient lok-thor skull-horn (of blasting) is the subject of this piece. beyond the horn lies the king’s shrouded body, the sacred burial hills of the lok-thor clan, and finally, mount k’noth.)

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