tanner danny

tanner danny

tanner danny is the owner of greytown’s tannery. his family and friends primarily run the tannery, as he is out conducting “business.” primarily he is concerned with setting up small-scale expeditions into parts of the draanfell. a great number of the people of greytown believe tanner to be in possession of a map; it is said to never leave his person. tanner has wavy brown hair and a smooth face. he usually has a broad smile across his mouth and his eyes sort of twinkle. he is almost always dressed in drab brown clothing.

teddy is tanner’s bookkeeper. he spends a lot of his day with tanner, as a friend and associate. teddy has a short nose and receding black and grey hair. he wears a tunic and pants and usually caries a notepad and charcoal and a flask of strong whiskey.

granny danny, a kindly old woman, is tanner’s grandmother, and looks to be at least seventy. she lurks around the tannery when she hasn’t disappeared from greytown.

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