draanfell is an ancient woodland, just south of the vindya. the forest surrounds the sayan river on its journey south out of the mountains and ends abruptly at the northern end of the small snake lake.

it is comprised of a vast, but sparse network of elder trees, with many newer-era forests growing underneath and alongside. much of the forest is dark inside, as the canopy overhead is lush and dense. smaller wildlife, such as birds and ground mammals, are hard to spot and somewhat replaced with slightly more exotic versions than those found elsewhere in the realm.

known as a home to violent and savage creatures, the draanfell is filled with all types of life. large insects, ancient magical creations, great cats and bears, dire wolves, and even the unliving are said to roam the thick and permanent undergrowth of the wood.

the draanfell is also one of the realm’s most potent areas for the finding of rare arcane and divine spell elements… as well as for the finding of historical elven sites and artifacts…

most certainly haunted, draanfell is known to have been a sacred wilderness for the elves of the past era. despite the forest being completely forbidding in appearance, many explorers seek out treasures from the long-forgotten civilizations there.

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