an impenetrable forest, said to be host to more than one creature vanished from every other place in the world. a good potion of the selsdern has not seen sunlight in decades…

like the draanfell, the selsdern forest was once part of a vast wooded area that covered most of the western realm.

areas of interest
bubali | draanfell | gorir’s farm | western pass | glassen dale | mount k’noth | blood tunnel | granite shelf | selsdern

cleardeep | greywater | small snake lake | three sisters | sayan river | saslow river system | cauldron

cities of the western realm
greytown | sandbridge | littlebridge | bynar | neta | narrow fall | thra-tren | visithor | ghrono

western realm | gallward | kror | vindya | vassagonian desert | green sea

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