the gods

zarac – god of sport, battle, and renewal
zarac is the reformed leader of the new gods and prime deity of the lok-thor empire. he is an odd primary deity and worshiped lazily at best in the more urban areas of the empire. his followers are more assertive in the outlying territories.


  • eulog – goddess of deceit, trickery, and thieves
    eulog tends to be forgotten amongst the new gods, as she is the least powerful and tends to be vacant. it is said that some true criminals are able to convene with her from time to time.
  • geob – god of wealth, gambling and luck
    the god of fortune and luck, geob embodies faith in the gods to take care of a person’s needs. nearly every settlement in the western realm has at least one shrine to geob. jolly and boisterous, geob is a “lover of freedom” and understands that life’s finest offerings are to be enjoyed. tending an offering to geob will make him smile down on you.


  • blith – goddess of war, strife, and fear
    the evil gods of the realm are worshipped only behind closed doors. certainly in some places, there are a good number behind those doors, but the need for discretion is recognized. agents of blith were once prevelant in these lands in the form of mercenary groups controlling the roads and passageways, but their days are long past.
  • gealid – goddess of pain, torture, and cruelty. gealid is a cruel and unmerciful ruler.
  • odus – god of darkness, death, and the underworld
    odus the half, is said to only be the object of those who have had the misfortune to have familial history with near-humanoid races. it is not well-understood by many, and followed by few.


  • artel – god of light, healing, and love
    artel’s followers tend to settle in the more beautiful and untouched areas of the empire. they are often prey to the numerous exotic and sometimes evil creatures that occupy the borderlands. while they are mostly pacifists, occasionally a follower with find reason to raise a weapon and set forth to be an example of Her Light in the outside world. the church’s only existence in the larger cities is in the form of expansive lush gardens, reserved for the largest donors to spend their time in and around.


  • querso – god of conquest and oppression
    brother of zarac, and temporary leader of the new gods.

neutrality (elder gods)

  • argo – goddess of the sun, moon, and stars
  • ceed – god of nature, the elements, and weather
  • reymor – goddess of animals, hunting, and agriculture

credits to DM mcfarlane

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