western realm

vast lands comprised mostly of forest, hills, and prairies: the western realm is ruled by the lok-thor empire.

the realm’s borders are the vassagonian desert to the east, green sea to the west, and the unexplored vindya to the north. the southern border is many miles long and highly contested with gallward, a much smaller (but more advanced) civilization to the south and east.

deities of the western realm
religion plays a large role in the prevalent culture of the western realm. elder gods of the pantheon are distant and seldom worshipped; and only a select few of the new gods are recognized by the populace.

venerable gods from an age that’s existed far past its prime… the western realm is seen as ignored by the gods, and much effort is made trying to summon their attention. those who would forward an agenda of chaos do so with vigor; the forces of honor and truth move about with a zealous nature; etc. etc.

a gift from the elder gods, magic is less common in the western realm than perhaps the surrounding terrain. although clerics and other servants of the gods are prevalent within the lok-thor empire, and generally alloted a base respect by the citizenry.

those who practice secular magic openly tend to be viewed as being corrupted on some level. at best they are thought of as tradespeople, but usually there is little respect involved. upon attaining great power, practitioners of wizardly arts often find themselves targets of intense distrust and/or fear.

the lok-thor empire and elements therein have employed various methods of slavery in its society throughout recent history. many of these methods have involved the subjugation of demi-humans, or the mass importation of humans from the nation of kror. criminals and those indebted to others serve sentences as slaves.

the slaves of the lok-thor empire employ a mutated version of the kror dialect.

areas of interest
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cities of the western realm
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western realm | gallward | kror | vindya | vassagonian desert | green sea

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western realm

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