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outside of hollowden


COMMON knowledge:

the year is 288 in the WESTERN REALM. the gods are mostly absent at this time, but recent history is one of relative peace.

the campaign begins in the settlement of greytown, a military post located in the northern-most holdings of the lok-thor empire. the town sits on the shores of greywater, a large lake with a sparse population of flora & fauna. greytown has existed in some form or another for many many years, but with a shifting past that none can recall too clearly—


the CAMPAIGN at a glance:


cagney cyrus mullet dude tanner danny
left to right: cagney, cyrus, orknan, tanner

  • cleven – khorren recently freed from hollowden
  • mudman – stone animated mudman
  • silverstache – shiny short-sworded older man, handlebar mustache, 6’3 elegant
  • gorgeous – blond-maned man, encountered far underground in hollowden, sliced off
  • oobleeer – troll, contact of totz’s, mercenary
  • lam – middle-aged human, seems disheveled, appears to live under hollow-den, eaten by oobleer
  • totz and meltz – lam’s “little ones,” underdwellers of some kind, short and smelly
  • mahti – main human guard in hollow-den, dark curly greased hair, hairy gut
  • spyder – lithe, white-skinned elf, proclaimed keeper of hollow-den
  • timmy – young human boy, imprisoned in hollow-den
  • grablar – orcish prisoner, frequently yelling
  • tendos – human prisoner, trader of silks
  • fattie, lusty dusty, blondiecurly, hockeyhair, & powermullet – guards in cagney’s party
  • charlone – man-ish woman, w/symbol of geob on a silver chain, crooked face and teeth, associate of cagney’s
  • cagney – leather-hatted man, bearded, orknan’s associate
  • cyrus – another associate of orknan’s, slender and tall with a fine dark robe, black and white beard
  • orknan & roberta – beautiful siblings, found in the caravan
  • old beardy & armored boy (reginald & dieter)- found w/caravan, deceased & disappeared
  • teddy – citizen of greytown, tanner’s assistant
  • tanner danny – of the year round brown tannery
  • phillip – apprentice skinner at the year round
  • granny danny – matriarch of the danny family
  • gustav “gus” – tanner’s war dog

AREA MAPS: greater esstayna | western realm | frontier lands | draanfell | greytown

esstanya western realm local to cleardeep localities greytown

areas of interest
bubali | draanfell | gorir’s farm | western pass | glassen dale | mount k’noth | blood tunnel | granite shelf | selsdern

cleardeep | greywater | small snake lake | three sisters | sayan river | saslow river system | cauldron

cities of the western realm
greytown | sandbridge | littlebridge | bynar | neta | narrow fall | thra-tren | visithor | ghrono | raanbaad

western realm | gallward | kror | vindya | vassagonian desert | green sea

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